***WELCOME***Swami Vivekananda Industrial Trining Center(SVITC) has been Affiliated to N.C.V.T.,Ministry of Lab.Govt of India ,New Delhi, through S.C.T.E. & V.T. ,Orissa,Bhubaneswar with effect from August 2007. Provide:Fitter,Electrician For More Details Contact:(0674)-2591683


(a). Past Placement record

• 76.5 % across the states in India.

• Top two trades with highest placement % - Electrician and Fitter.

(b) Placement Linkages

• Repeat employers

• Letters of intent already in place from 50+ employers; ongoing discussion with select employers with a Pan Indian presence

(c) Compliance of Minimum Wages for Trainees

• Thus far, all trainees are placed above minimum wages vis-à-vis trade/state

• Choice of trades based on likelihood of higher minimum wages

(4) Pre - Placement Counselling

Well defined pre-placement processes through AV presentations, employer interface, parent and community counselling as well as individual interactions

Post Placement Support Mechanism

a) Retention Strategies

• Counselling related to career growth during the program.

• Batch-wise placement in the same geographies to the extent possible.

• Intensive contact in the first three months.

• Employer meetings to review/assess performance of placed candidates and for problem solving.

• Access to a dedicated helpline for work related issues/problems vis-à-vis salary, work safety, workplace discrimination, health issues and working conditions.

b) Continuous Counselling and Upskilling

• Design of need-based opportunities for learning to support career advancement.

c) Financial Literacy

• Included as a core component of the work readiness modules.

• Includes, bank account operations, fund transfer, withdrawal and ATMs,

• Financial Planning and in particular saving/investment and insurance.